$12.04/lb Atlantic Cod Slices 2 lb box (2 boxes/4 lb)

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    • Slices (Fillets) 16 oz each 
    • Bone in, skin on
    • 2lb box
    •  Wild-caught sustainably
    •  Flash-frozen

      The Desalting & Freezing process has been carried out by us. We have it done for you. The consumer only has to defrost and cook! What took an average of 3 days is now ready to cook in a few minutes. The Bomporto frozen cod is already desalted/soaked and ready to cook!

      When it comes to Quality Cod, the name of Rui Costa e Sousa & Irmão Group is in the forefront as one of the largest processors and marketers of Fresh Cod, Dried Salted Cod and Desalted/Soaked Frozen Cod (ready to cook), in the world. 


      Thawing frozen fish properly will help it retain good flavor and the right texture. To thaw fish safely, the easiest method is placing it in the refrigerator the night before you want to use it. If you need to use fish right away, you can thaw it in a pot of cold water changing the water every 30 minutes so that it continues to thaw. Place the fish in a plastic bag and tie the bag in a knot to completely seal it. You don't want the water to actually touch the fish. Don't thaw fish in hot water. This will thaw the fish unevenly and too quickly, changing its taste and texture.


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